TYR Blast Silicone Cap

$SGD 17.90

TYR Blast Silicone Cap

$SGD 17.90
01 Black
04 Red
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  • Round wrinkle-free design for better fit and reduced drag.
  • Non-slip interior, tear resistant and easy to put on.
  • Classic size
  • comfortable fit
  • UV light resistant for longer life

    Caution and Care

    Rinse with cold water and dry it after use
    Do not leave in direct sunlight or exposed to heat
    Keep in room temperature
    Care should be taken when putting cap on or off as fingernails could damage cap
    Avoid contact with sharp object
    Do not fold cap together with swimsuit or swim goggles
    Do not fold cap when it is wet
    Do not wash with bleach

    Discontinue use immediately if irritation occurs and consult a doctor.



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