StrechCordz w/Paddles

$SGD 105.90

StrechCordz w/Paddles

$SGD 105.90
3-8 lbs (1.3-3.6 kg)
5-14 lbs (2.2-6.3 kg)
8-24 lbs (3.6-10.8 kg)
12-31 lbs (5.4-14.1 kg)
14-34 lbs (6.3-15.4 kg)
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The StrechCordz with Paddles S101 adds resistance to the pull in dry-land practice swim strokes.
It trains swimmers to keep hands flat while opposing every movement to increase strength and ultimately speed.

Used by the United States Olympic Swim Team!

The S101 includes two paddles connected to two 4ft/1.2 m tubes and a combination mounting loop.
Sold as a unit only.
No removable components or replacement parts.
Not interchangeable.


Color          Resistance (lbs)*        Resistance (kg)*
Silver                  3-8                              1.3-3.6
Yellow                5-14                            2.2-6.3
Green                 8-24                           3.6-10.8
Red                     12-31                          5.4-14.1
Blue                    14-34                         6.3-15.4
* resistance when stretched 1 - 3 times original length


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