StrechCordz Safety Long Belt Slider

$SGD 155.90

StrechCordz Safety Long Belt Slider

$SGD 155.90
5-14 lbs (2.2-6.3 kg)
8-24 lbs (3.6-10.8 kg)
12-31 lbs (5.4-14.1 kg)
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The StrechCordz Safety Long Belt Slider is used for adding resistance to swimming and is StrechCordz's #1 in-water resistance product.
It provides swim out and pull-back resistance to improve strength and stamina. Accelerate quicker, strengthen the finishes of each stroke and improve your times.
A proprietary, embedded safety cord runs the full length of the tubing and acts as a limiter to help prevent over-stretching.

The Safety Long Belt Slider features a 2-in/5 cm waist belt that fits up to a 44-in/1.1 m waist, padded for comfort and connected to 20 feet/6 m of latex with safety cord tubing and sliding attachment that moves freely around the belt for unrestricted movement.

Used in either 25yd or 25m pools. Interchangeable.


Color     Resistance (lbs)*     Resistance (kg)*

Yellow           5-14                        2.2-6.3 
Green            8-24                       3.6-10.8 
Red                12-31                      5.4-14.1

* resistance when stretched 1 - 3 times original length


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