FIT Radiant Mirrored Goggles

$SGD 23.90

FIT Radiant Mirrored Goggles

$SGD 23.90
02 Red/Black
03 Blue
05 Whtie
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Fitting FIT Goggle correctly
Goggle eyepiece
Press goggles tightly against the eyes to obtain a slight suction. If goggles stick to the eyes for a few seconds, suction is adequate.
Nose piece
The nose piece is there to maintain the placement of the goggles. It is recommended that you do not adjust the goggles too tightly to avoid marks around the eyes. Adjust the tension little by little to obtain the correct and most comfortable fit.
FIT goggle placement
After placing goggles correctly on the face, stretch the head strap over the head. Adjust tension of strap for comfortable fit. Do not tighten excessively. If leakage occurs, readjust the head strap.
FIT goggle care
Keep FIT goggles free of grease and dirt. Clean carefully with cold water after each use. Use FIT ant fog drops to prolong the life of the anti fog system. Never wipe or rub inside of lenses.


Use extreme caution when placing and taking off all types of swimming
goggles. Don’t use swimming goggles on broken skin. Stop using goggles if

skin irritation occurs.
DO NOT dive into water wearing goggles without proper instructions.

DO NOT swim underwater below 2 meters.

DO NOT pull goggles away from your face - they may spring back and
hurt your eyes.

TO REMOVE GOGGLES SAFELY: Hold eye pieces and lift them gently up
onto your forehead and over the top of your head. |

Conforms to B.S. 5883:
1980,Clause 4.1, 4.3.2, 44.2. 4.5. 1,4.5.2,4.5.3,4.5.4,4.6,5, 6.


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