DUALTECH 2in1 Aluminum Paddle(3-4 sections)

$SGD 55.00

DUALTECH 2in1 Aluminum Paddle(3-4 sections)

$SGD 55.00

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The DUAL-TECH is a 2 in 1 paddle for leisure and fitness and allows excellent performance in all conceivable conditions. The paddle can be converted from kayak to SUP paddle depending on your preferences and area of use. The slightly curved paddle blade made of durable plastic ensures easier immersion and also for greater traction and better movement on the water. The kayak paddle is not adjustable in length. With its low weight, the paddle is particularly light.

SHAFT: 1.2mm thick aluminum. Diam: 1.14”(29mm).

BLADE: Reinforced PP. L x W: 15.7”x 7.9” (40 x 20cm).

3-section iSUP paddle: 68.9”-86.6” (175-220cm)
4-section Kayak paddle: 236cm (92.9”)

WEIGHT: 1600g (56.4oz)


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