Carbon Guide Adjustable iSUP Paddle (3 sections)

$SGD 120.00

Carbon Guide Adjustable iSUP Paddle (3 sections)

$SGD 120.00

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The Carbon Guide Adjustable Carbon/Fiberglass iSUP Paddle is a light and durable paddle made of carbon fibre combined with glass fibre. This three piece paddle has a smooth length adjustment system and a T-bar grip, which allows for a firm grip and long hours of rowing without chafing or injuries.

SHAFT: 1.25mm thick 70% carbon +  30% fiberglass. Diam: 1.13” (28.7mm).

BLADE: 60% PP + 40% fiberglass. L x W: 15.7”x 8.7” (40 x 22cm).

HANDLE: Rubber T-bar handle.

LENGTH: 70.9”-86.6” (180-220cm), 3-section.

WEIGHT: 950g (33.5oz)


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